The Chronicles of a Pound Puppy

Wednesday, September 12, 2007



This is where he hangs out while I'm working.

Yesterday we had several successful notifications of the need to go outside. Of course, there was a series of them right at suppertime...something like 5 requests in 45 minutes. He did actually go potty every time, though. I know that he will start doing that just to get out, but for now it seems like I need to respond each and every time just to reinforce. I also need to figure out something soon to involve sound. He's just too quiet about the notices and we miss it sometimes. Soya was like that. Actually, she did not go to the door. She would come sit and stare at you. If you were sleeping? Too bad. She'd just sit there. About a foot from your face. For as long as it took. It made for some startling wake-ups.

We also had an accident. Again while everyone was home. So the human training continues.

I'll try to do a video sometime of him playing. He has two favorite toys and it's a real trip to mess with his mind and offer him one while he's playing with another.


Julia said...

Are you training him to go potty in the same spot like Sugar did? Then you will only have one spot of brown grass. Also, are you using the "clicker" for training how to sit etc? We found that to be the best method instead of the choke chain.

Anita said...

Doggie Door!

But that's right, you don't have a fence outside.

The only time Patches makes a motion (and it's to poke his leash with his nose) is when the doggie door is closed or we're on vacation.

Bear is so cute!!

LIVE FROM... said...

Oh my gosh -- I love this little guy..."Bear" the name -- we call one of my nephews "Bear Bear" so that is a name dear and close to my heart!!!

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